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Branding and Collateral Requirements that all Start-ups Need

Any new business startups requires a brand collateral for their primary requirements and day to day activities. Your brand collateral kit is a collection of promotional and authentic materials is majorly used to promote the brand in various scenarios. As we all know the “first impression is the best impression”, your branding designs should carry your brand value to your customers.

Another area that start-ups tend to screw up in is their branding strategy. As a start up, you don’t really have to be making 5-year plans just yet, but there needs to be a process for establishing a good brand and doing it well will lead to greater visibility. So, let’s view some of the requirements that need to be taken care of, for both.


Branding Requirements

  • Logo

    Every new company needs a logo design that adheres to certain standards and should always resemble or match the kind of business you’re into, or the name of your brand

  • Business Cards & Letterheads

    Every branded entity needs a neat and clean business card design, letterheads, and envelopes and seals that can be used for daily requirements

  • Brochures

    Any business, especially start-ups, need a company profile or brochure designs that showcase their business as well as the products or services being sold

  • Official Website & Email

    Needless to say, a website is one of the most important branding requirements that need to be taken care of. A website that contains all the basic information about the business and its offerings is an essential part to create brand presence is an integral part of marketing collateral design. An official email id in your business card will always carry a value comparing to a gmail or outlook id


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