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Corona Virus impacts

As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak impacts the daily life and work routine in every part of the world and same impacts our work in Dream Effects too. As a part of precautionary steps to adapt social distancing to safeguard our employees, we decided to make our staffs work remotely from where they reside. Rest assured to our clients as we take every possible step to make sure that our client’s work continues to progress without getting stopped, but with some limitations. As we all work from remote locations, you may experience slight delays in getting the communication based on the locations and situation we work and internet connectivity we use. Hence please cooperate with us and communicate for any queries with usual channels you used to.

Work from Home implementation

From today 20th March 2020, we enforce the work from home policy for all our employees except few who are necessary to work in place. At Dream Effects, we have all necessary technology, software and support system to do our works from any location just like we do from our office. As of now this work method will be in place till 31st March 2020. After that, we may or may not extend the same based on the situation and government’s recommendations.  We will continue to support our Clients with their works with all possible ways available.

We also encourage our Clients, vendors and everyone to keep similar practices to safeguard yourselves and everyone. Please stay safe at the places where you are and follow the disinfection practices prescribed by the government. Even though you are working from home for the office tasks, this is the time you stay with your family and loved ones and spending your valuable time more than usual. So, stay home, stay safe and help to fight the situation till everything becomes normal to resume our usual life style. Let’s hope this situation will be under control and everyone recovers soon.

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